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    John Skinner 1 year ago

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    Anthony Hall 1 year ago

    I still couldn't teach my dog commands ((((I’ll even say more, she bit me and my wounds hurt terribly.

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    DouglasWinger 1 year ago

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    RobinLehmann 1 year ago

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    Joann Warren 1 year ago

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    Joann Warren 1 year ago

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    Joann Warren 1 year ago

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    MUHAMMAD IMRAN 3 years ago

    Dogs are not just our most loyal friends but they are intelligent beings too. You can see dogs working side by side humans in dangerous tasks that require a lot of intelligence and caution. Today, they are a part of the police, scientific organizations, bomb-disposal squads and what not? If you are wondering whether they were born this smart, then let us share that it is not the truth. The reality is that these dogs have been trained to be this smart and great in their lives.

    Now, you must be thinking that only a professional trainer can train dogs and it is clear that they might cost you a lot of money. However, it is also not true. You can train your dogs at home as well. We know that you are not a professional trainer but these tips will help you train your dog like the ones you see on the internet.


    Start from small

    Dogs are smart but they need to understand you in order to be trained. You must take small baby steps while training him. Let’s just say that you can start with some basic commands like no, sit, stand, shake, stop, and etc. Training these commands to a dog is not difficult at all. However, do not try to teach everything to him in just one day. Take things slowly and train them for one command at a time. Once they are trained for one, you can move to the next one.


    Have Patience

    Dogs are full of energy and tend to lose interest in training soon. You need to be super-patient when working with a dog. There will be moments when you will see yourself clearly failing but do not just quit there. Give him and yourself a short break and get back to the training process when you believe that both of you are ready for another round.


    Consistency is the Key

    Dogs love to follow a routine. Let it be their meal times, walking hours, or training, you need to maintain consistency. Do not break the loop and keep training him for one command every day and maybe multiple times a day. It will emboss the command on his mind and he will get used to it very easily.


    Offer Some Treats

    Who does not love to be appreciated? Everyone loves to receive some appreciation and treats. You must praise your dog and give him some treats each time he follows your command. Do this 4 or 5 times but do not make the training all about treats. Once you see that he is at the point where he will follow your commands without treats, remove treats from the training but keep appreciating him.


    By following these simple steps you can train your best friend in your house. Even the most famous trainers use these steps so you can be sure to get perfect results. Now that you know the steps, when are you going to start the training?

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