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    Suka nobi 2 weeks ago

    Poppy Playtime is a horror game developed by MOB Games and released in October 2021. The game features a great mixture of horror and puzzle adventure genres.




    Poppy Playtime is set in a toy factory named Playtime. It was a famous factory that produced toys and dolls. One day, all of the staff here mysteriously disappeared. The factory was then abandoned. You play as an ex-worker here and try to solve the mystery after receiving a letter from a staff member who disappeared 10 years ago.


    During the game, you will encounter many haunted toys that will hunt you throughout the factory. And it's important to have quick reactions. The mascot of the game is Huggy Wuggy. It's an enormous creature with blue fur and wide red lips.


    You can use the Grabpack to open doors or conduct electricity. The video tapes lying around the factory can give you a more detailed overview of the factory. This will help you find different security measures and a forboding warning of things that are coming.


    As it's played from the first-person perspective, you will experience everything as it happens with you.


    Game graphics


    The game takes place in an abandoned, dirty, and empty factory in the 1980s’ style. It also features a scary and gloomy atmosphere. The graphics are really detailed, and things look realistic. The game style is impressive.


    There are a lot of things to discover, and you can interact with many of them.


    Poppy Playtime is a great scary game that you should give a try! Get ready for heart-racing chases from vengeful toys, roam around the creepy factory, solve quests, and uncover the mystery.

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    Morgan lee 1 month ago

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    Marianeumann 1 month ago

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    Dungdung 2 months ago
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    NatyGrace 2 months ago

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    Suka nobi 2 months ago

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    Jaevion 2 months ago

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    Taylor Watson 2 months ago

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