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About Us

About Us

Based globally is one of the reputable and devoted website that offers genuine services for your beloved pets. Log in directly to to find an extensive list of every possible pet available worldwide. Our website comprises of several choices to choose from.Our website is mainly projected for the “Pet Engage” section where you can look for the appropriate mate for your pet whether they are mammals, reptiles, hamsters, ferrets, mice, iguanas, cows, pigs or birds.
About Us

Pet Buy | Pet Sale – Pet Buying and selling Service

Agent Pet let’s you choose from several available pets online. You can contact directly via phone or email and buy exclusive pets just in few clicks which saves your time and money for locating and navigating to the pet of your choice.

How can you buy pet online – at best pet agent – Agent Pet?

  1. Visit Agent Pet
  2. Go to Pet Buy and Sell Portal
  3. Search and filter what you are looking for
  4. Contact the current owner via provided channels
  5. Re-locate the pet using our relocation service or any preferred method.
About Us
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Pet Relocation | Pet Transport Pakistan

Moving or relocating your pet has never been easy, it always is accustomed by tedious clearances and problems from legal perspective to pet safety issues that’s why professional relocating services are not only an easy choice, but it is the best choice specially if your pet is being imported or exported.

Agent Pet Specializes in relocation of your pet intercity, interstates, import and export for whatever pet you need including dog, cats, fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, hamsters, ferrets, mice, iguanas, pigs or farm animals like buffalo, cows, sheep, goats. We professionally and legally deal with any clearance and problem whatsoever and it’s worth noting that we are authorized member of PAN and ATA.

About Us

We are following the rules set by the country and helps import or relocate your exquisite pet from alien land to your home with hassle free service. We have trained professionals to deal with your pet safe relocation and legal attorneys to clear any sort of pet clearance in compliance with Pakistan or your country’s law. It makes your relocation or pet transportation secure, comfortable and stress less.

How to Relocate Pet or How to transport your Pet?

  1. Visit Agent Pet
  2. Go to Pet Relocation Page
  3. Fill in The Form
  4. Get Free Quote
  5. Relocate your pet from your doorstep

How Agent Pet Deals with Pet Relocation?

  1. Agent arrives at your door step.
  2. Prepares your pet for travel.
  3. Get clearances and precautionary measures.
  4. Check your pet for health issues.
  5. Relocate your pet From A to B.
  6. Happy Pet Transport.

Why Agent Pet for Pet Transport or Relocation in Pakistan and Worldwide?

You can always be a jack of all trade but master of none so let’s leaves the master be and let them do what we are best in. Also, the ATA and PAT certified companies are considered credible enough to deal with any relocation and very few are there who can claim that we are verified by PET authorities. With that you also get a fair customer support and a trained staff to take care of your pet and pet safety and comfort always comes first.

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Best pet foods or pet accessories from your favorite brand at your door step, free? Indeed, Agent pet works hard to provide you the best pet food and pet accessories at your door step through agent pet online store with delivery all over Pakistan with absolutely zero or very low cost. We are also in for back orders.

We have all the major brands that you long for your pet and have complete range of pet accessories and pet food variety is just awesome. Pet food brands like Optimum, Nova, Osaka, Smart Heart, Me-o, Vittamax, Dr.Luv, SuperCoat, Purina, Friskies, NutraGold, Diamond, Brit, Mera Dog, Wahre Liebe andother available at their shelf. Pet accessories brands like Remu, Easy Clean, Cat Litter, Groomer, Dermaleen, Natural Beef, Zoom, SmartHeart, Me-O, Perfect Kare and others are also available.

About Us

Pet Food

Fish food, turtle food, cichlid fish food, bird food, special parrot food, treats, wet food, Persian cat food, ocean fish food, seafood, regular cat food, regular dog feed, dog food beef, puppy food, chicken food, adult chicken food, meaty grills, salmon and rice, pure meat and other food are completely available on their web store

Pet Accessories

In pet accessories we have oil based cleaners, antimicrobials, medications, litter filters, shampoo, play things, bones, harness for dogs, cat carrying bag, dog (puppy) carrying bag, bowl, collars, stretchers, ball rope, steel brush, dinosaur eggs, cat bowl, animal feeding bowl, steel comb, laser lights, hair trimmers, double sided comb, toy sticks, litter trays, biting sleeves, kitten feeder, puppy feeder, food dispenser, hen toy, grooming kits, rubber grips, bow ties and much more. Pet Accessories

Agent Pet E-Store

Agent Pet E-store is available for online shopping of pet food and accessories all over Pakistan. We are also providing Pet Engaging and Pet buying and selling facility. Order now or post an ad for your pet now!

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Find pet and vet shop near you anywhere in Pakistan. We have almost everyone interested boarded on our platform so that you can find them all on a single place and find who is nearest to you via This service is available all over Pakistan in Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan, Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan and federal areas. You can find us in all major and minor cities such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Sargodha and other cities.

Find a vet and pet shop online – Agent Pet?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose ‘Find a Pets and Vets’ Link
  3. Select your city and find the shop or vet you are looking for.
  4. Or Shop online from our e-store
About Us
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