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Privacy Policy

What Information does Agent Pet require from our customers?

As our website is based on trade and transaction therefore we need to collect a certain amount of private information from our customers. That helps us to keep a record of our customers that makes us trustworthy and dependable for all our customers.

Along with taking your basic information like name, address, email address and phone number we also follow your IP address, visited pages and downloaded documents. This type of information helps us in keeping a record of the total number of people visited and our ratings. Moreover, we also keep a track of hackers and fake accounts making this website safer for you.

How is your personal information dealt?

All the personal information shared by our members during transactions, transportation or mating will be held safe and will not be passed to any third party. All your emails and personal information is handled by our expert advisers who use it only for business purposes. Strict Policy:

When you will be able to get deleted your personal information?

You are entitled to request us to delete your Personal Information, except for the following circumstances:

  1. Your account has been identified to commit illegal activities.
  2. There are completed or ongoing transactions of copyright licensing in your account.
  3. Your account has outstanding debts or unreslived disputes.
  4. AgentPet is requested to keep your Personal Information according to relevant laws and regulations or the requirements of judicial or administrative authorities..

How you can delete your personal information?

You can delete your personal information by contacting You understand that we shall delete your personal information within the period regulated by applicable laws after verifying your identity.

How is your personal information dealt?

As this private policy is for our user’s safety and good therefore, it is requested to agree upon it even when it is updated.