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Veterinus Derma Gel Tube - 10 ML

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Derma GeL® - Unsurpassed Wound Care and Infection Control.

Derma GeL® is an isotonic hydrogel made of high-molecular-weight polymers that promotes wound healing in all animal species: horses, dogs, cats, livestock, birds, reptiles and exotics.

Derma GeL® ensures: bacteriostatic properties, moist environment, soothing effect, healing process enhancers, insect repellent feature and a protective layer (no secondary dressing or bandage required). The unrivaled efficacy of this combination reduces drastically the healing time by 60% leading to fewer product applications.


- Best wound care | Round-the-clock unsurpassed total wound care

- Best infection control | Bactericidal and bacteriostatic

- Best wound protection | No secondary dressing required + insect repellent feature

- Best results | Minimal scarring, no excessive tissue granulation (proud-flesh), no hair discoloration on regrowth

- Best "ALL in ONE" first aid product | Extending the "golden period" for suturing beyond 8 hours

- Best packaging | Handy tube & flip-top cap + tube box in 7 languages


Derma GeL® provides excellent support following trauma or surgeries, where a primary wound closure is not possible.

Examples include: 

 Derma GeL® is an excellent dressing, especially where bandaging is not possible due to the location of the wound.  Additionally, the specific hydrocolloid texture of Derma GeL® ensures the gel will not run off the treated surface (e.g. vertical wounds without bandage).


The gel is useful for:
Large areas, deep open wounds, accidental or surgical lesions (either under a bandage or uncovered). Ideal when the location of the wound doesn't allow suturing or bandaging.



Derma GeL® in gel form:

Daily cleanse affected area with warm water or a saline solution only, so as to preserve epithelial cells from irritation. Apply generously two or three times a day, as needed.  To help prevent skin proliferation, extend application to the surrounding area.


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