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Collar With Leash Dog Cats

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Description PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Use with kindness, do not jerk, yank or correct your dog, very important to properly fit Escape resistant as walking tool only, do not use to tie dog out due to tightening aspect of harness, it is not chew proof Adjusts to any size or body type: align the movable black stops with front leg and it will fit any body perfectly Reduces chafing: soft texture with no hard edges or buckles to irritate skin Superior strength: hand spliced in the USA, tensile strength of 3,700 lbs, strong enough to hold a boat Use with kindness. Do not jerk, yank or correct dog in Harness Lead. If dog continues to pull HARD, then leash is not working for dog , so discontinue use. Extremely important to properly fit by aligning black stops with front leg according to directions. This will prevent tightening around neck. Do not use for tie out, do not use to have dog tow weight. This is a walking tool and is not to be used for running with dog, as leash tightens and dog can control this by slowing his pace. Harness Lead is a leash & harness in one. REDUCES PULL: When dogs pulls against the leash, Harness Lead will gently tighten around the barrel only, NO tightening around the neck. Harness Lead utilizes a dog’s own pressure against the leash to encourage and remind the dog to slow their pace. When your dog relaxes pull, the leash will relax as well. ESCAPE PROOF: If dogs attempts to back of out this harness, it will tighten like a slip lead, preventing escape. Must be used correctly, according to directions to be escape proof. ESCAPE PROOF AS WALKING TOOL ONLY. DO NOT USE TO TIE DOG OUT. IT IS NOT CHEW PROOF. REDUCES CHAFING: Made in a loose weave, the soft nylon texture is soft to the touch. There are no buckles or hard edges digging into skin or backs of legs. If used correctly, it will not wrap into the sensitive armpit area where most chafing occurs. ADJUSTS TO ANY BODY TYPE: Align the movable black stops with the dog’s front leg and it will fit any body type or breed perfectly. MULTIPLE USES: Harness Lead can also be used as a slip lead or collar lead for short term needs as well. SUPERB QUALITY, MADE IN USA: Harness Lead is made of double braided nylon, tensile strength 4,000 lbs. HOW TO VIDEO LINK ON PRODUCT TAG US Patent No. 9,271,476


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